If you are afraid to fail, you will never truly succeed

The fear of failure can drive most people to give up before the real work has even begun. The harsh reality is, failure is something that everybody is afraid of. It is how you deal with that fear, and potential failure, that defines your website. A major failure can ruin a business; however, when it comes to your website, failure is one of the most powerful tools you have. Do not be afraid to make a mistake; if you never take chances, you will never succeed.

By saying yes and radically re-designing your sales or landing page, it tells the world you are ready to place a bet on your website. Continue this momentum by remembering to always track the results of your site, so you can know where things can improve. Even if your page is selling well, experiment with it. If your page is converting around 20% of all visitors, try to increase this number to 35% or 50%. You can always do better!

Over the past years we\’ve had many successes and many failures. Through all of the failures we have lost thousands in potential revenue, but we have learnt so much from our mistakes. The web is a playground – take chances, fall down, but get back up again, stronger, and better prepared.